Seabed Levelling, Sweeping & Dredging

Seabed levelling is a dredging technique that has been used very successfully to level the ocean floor by moving built up deposits to nearby “low spots”

Quest Maritime Services has recently conducted some very successful seabed levelling campaigns at Garden Island, for the Department of Defence, along with the Department of Transport and Ports located along the Western Australian coastline.

We use a Plough Spread, which is a purpose built bed leveller, engineered and manufactured for sea profiling and is utilised to redistribute built up material on the sea floor, offering a low cost environmentally friendly alternative for deepening and widening shipping channels and removing and levelling silt, sand deposits in berth pockets. Levelling post dredge spoil mounds and supporting dredging vessels.

The combination of our versatile and experienced crew, vessels and equipment with a team of the best Marine Scientists and Hydrographic Surveyors, has resulted in some very successful seabed levelling and sweeping campaigns.

Our vessels are routinely serviced, cleaned and maintained, to ensure that they are managed and operated in a safe and effective manner, with a high regard for the welfare of crew, clients and the environment.

Recent Sweeping Works in Geraldton Harbour

Quest completed recent sweeping works at Geraldton.